Hearing Madge

Vinil tem um significado importante na minha casa especialmente porque eu cresci a ouvir cassetes e discos. Agora vou tentar ensinar a minha filha o que é musica e som, falar-lhe das propriedades físicas e a relação que temos com a música e som.

Vinyl has a strong meaning back at my place. I grew up listening to vinyl and tapes and now i´ll try to teach my kid what is music/sound. It’s kind of something physical, it moves around us, flows throughout our bodies and most important it moves people minds.

A few week back all i ear from my daughter is “death this death that” when we grow old we will die”… well that ok she’s 4 year old and still learning to process lots of stuff everyday. I will show her this short film.

“My hope is that people see it and think about death in a different way. Not necessarily good or bad, just different. There’s something about legacy too that I find really interesting. What is it that we leave behind that are going to be markers of who we are.” – Andrea Lewis

A short film that caught my eye. It is very simply shot but strong in content.
DIRECTED BY Andrea Lewis